Hugs From Yovani

“I want you to know I’m keeping in my treasure chest all the letters that you have sent me.  I am so privileged to have you as a sponsor because I smile with every single letter I’ve received from you.  I’d like to know if I can call you Mom.  Would you like me to call you that way?  I’d love to do it because you are like a mom to me.  I also want to tell you that I’d like to meet you personally; it is my biggest dream.  Do you know what I would do if I had you face to face?  I’d run to your arms in order to hug you and give you many kisses.  I’d express how thankful I am to you.  Then I’d invite you to eat ice cream.  What is your favorite flavor?”

I smile and feel like I’ve received a hug every time I read this heart warming letter from Yovani, and I look forward to each of his equally endearing letters.  I cherish the letters from all of my sponsored children, and while Yovani is more skilled than some in his ability to express his heart, he speaks for all my children.  It is such a joy and privilege to have each of these precious children in my life.

As a child advocate, my heart is not only turned toward my own children, but to the hearts of all the children, that they and their sponsors would have a wonderful sponsorship experience as they grow in developing a sweet relationship together.  People sponsor children because they have a heart of compassion and desire to make a difference in the life of the child.  However, many sponsors struggle with writing to their children and often say how lost they feel to know what to write, let alone how to develop a relationship with one who lives a world away from their own. Others have been writing for awhile, and desire some fresh ideas.

Devora's Butterflies

Welcome to Trusty’s Mailbag, a place of encouragement and inspiration for creating a beautiful sponsorship journey.  Here you will find ideas and resources for writing letters and for developing valuable relationships with your precious child, and to experience how rewarding it really is.  This site is sprinkled with excerpts of letters both to and from my children in order to encourage you in connecting with the heart of your own sponsored child…

“Dear Yovani, My favorite flavor is Swiss Orange Chip, a dark chocolate ice cream with orange flavor and full of chunks of chocolate. But any kind of ice cream would be the most wonderful treat in the whole wide world when I get to eat it with you, face to face.  Love, Mama Deborah”

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