Monthly Archives: September 2014

Launching Trusty’s Mailbag

Trusty’s Mailbag is a dream that has been a long time coming, and I’m so delighted to finally see it launched.  It started out as my final project for the Visual Communications program at my local college, and I was staying up till 3, 4, 5am every night the 2 weeks right before my trip to Honduras in order to finish in time.  That meant that I arrived in Honduras very short on sleep, but happy to have the assignment done, and very happy to be in Honduras.


With two of my Honduran sweeties

When I returned home from my incredibly wonderful trip, I picked Trusty’s Mailbag back up to expand it to the point where I was satisfied to release it.  I somehow missed summer completely, for as soon as I came home from work each day, I was on my computer working on this website every night past midnight.  It’s a good thing I totally love doing this!  It hardly felt like work when it’s my heart’s delight and passion. 

But with the long hours of focused attention on this project, I also realized that I never even finished posting my pictures from my trip on Facebook, and haven’t written the blog posts that I wanted to write about it either.  Well, that will start happening soon!


Enjoying a surprise visit from my grandbaby at work

While I was in school, it became difficult to keep up with my kids’ sponsorships, but I realized that by working just x-number of hours/week at a part-time job, it would cover what I needed for the kids.  God opened the door for me to work at my local Family Christian Bookstore because of my love and passion for sponsoring children, and one of the blessings of working there is that I get to advocate for children right on the job.  How cool is that!?  Day after day I’ve talked with many customers who already sponsor children, and I discovered that most were not connecting with their child.  Many had never written to their child, and most were struggling with writing.  Many were also feeling guilty about it, and nearly all of them did not understand the importance of their letters.

Trusty’s Mailbag was born out of the need I saw with my customers to provide a place for information and inspiration no matter which organization they used for sponsoring children.  And these customers represent thousands of other sponsors who feel the same way.  My desire is to encourage sponsors in connecting with the heart of their child, to see their relationship blossom and thrive, and in the process, for hearts and lives to be changed… including our own.

Thanks for stopping by Trusty’s Mailbag, and I hope you will come often to be inspired.  Many blessings for your sponsorship journey ahead!