Monthly Archives: October 2014

Going to Haiti

I just found out yesterday that I’m going to Haiti in February on a missions trip with my company, Family Christian! I am so excited, and was on cloud nine all day at work… the joy just kept bubbling over and I HAD to tell each customer I served about the trips that my coworkers and I would be going on this next year.

I have a sponsored child with World Vision in Haiti, and I’m hoping that I can make arrangements to see Samaika while I am on this trip.  Correspondence from Haiti over the past three years that I’ve sponsored Samaika has been extra slow, as this country has had to deal with considerable challenges.  But letter by letter I’ve been getting to know this incredibly precious girl, and would love to meet her in person.  I am looking forward to seeing her smile… and giving her tons of hugs!  Samaika’s project is scheduled to close in a few years, so I am all the more longing to get to meet her while I have the opportunity.  I’m praying!

Happy & blessed,


Early Autumn Christmas Letters

I feel like I’m coming up for air after working away on the website all summer long, especially dealing with incredible glitches, one after another.  So I’m rather surprised to realize that the first week of October has already slipped past me, and I still need to get Christmas letters and packages off in the mail… asap!  I’m nearly done addressing Christmas cards, have the Trusty’s Travels Christmas letters and art page finished that I printed off last month, though I have to admit that my copies are from my initial editions, and not as nice as what I have in the Shoppe!  The only thing I really have left to do now is to cut out all the paper creches that I printed out from Crechmania.  This Arches Crèche  is the one that I’m sending this year.arches_creche

My children have been on my heart and mind every day while I’ve been working on Trusty’s Mailbag, and it’s been such a delight rereading each of their letters while looking for the quotes that I wanted to use.  I’ve loved their sweet letters that I’ve been receiving each week, and this precious one from Keyla especially warmed my heart, making its way onto the website tonight on the Winter Season page…letter-keyla-song

This song resonates with my heart, and I’m so glad to hear that Keyla is learning such wonderful worship songs at her project.  After I get these Christmas letters and packages off in the mail, I’m looking forward to preparing the Secret Place letters and journals for my kids along this theme of seeking after God and desiring Him. 

deb_yolaniBut first things first!  I need to get the Christmas packages off in the mail, hopefully by the end of this week, and catch up on the kids’ correspondence which has been piling up here at my computer.  One of those letters is from my precious Yolani that I visited in Honduras this past May… her family is going through some hard times right now. The other night I dreamed that I was visiting with her and we were talking together… and I was talking with her in SPANISH! LOL… and in my dream I even knew what I was saying in Spanish! I love that!

So if you haven’t gotten your Christmas greetings off to your child yet, try to get it done within the next week or two at the latest to make sure that it arrives in time for Christmas. 

You are such a blessing to your child!