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Autumn Letters

Over the summer and into autumn, I was intensely occupied with creating Trusty’s Mailbag website, writing and designing its pages and materials.  So much fun…  :o)  But after launching the website in early October, I came up for air and realized that I had been so focused on this one project everyday that I had fallen quite behind in writing to my own sponsored kids!  I had to scramble to pull together my Christmas letter and packages, and it felt so good to get those off in the mail back in mid-October…  a tad bit later than my target goal of the end of September, but at least it was done.  Then I got the Christmas cards for unsponsored children off in the mail, and finally my Operation Christmas child boxes were prepared and turned in.  Whew!  It’s been another busy, but rewarding, month!  But now that I was focused on writing letters the past month+, I’ve neglected posting here.  Somehow I need to get things balanced out…

One thing that really helped me immensely in pulling together my Christmas letters at the last minute was using my own materials that I had already created and posted here… the Christmas letter and art page for Trusty’s Travels, and other ideas posted on the Christmas page.  It was quite a relief not to have to come up with new ideas, as I had already put in all the work to do this over the summer… Yay! 

If I have the time, I like to send an autumn/Thanksgiving letter AFTER I have sent off my Christmas letters.  Christmas, birthdays, and Easter are the only occasions that I try to time my letters’ arrivals… I can relax my time line for everything else.  So now I have another package ready to send off this week of my autumn letters… autumn_letter

I used the Autumn Forest Squirrels stationary, and included the Autumn Leaves printable and Catching Leaves coloring page from the Autumn Season page.  In this letter I wrote about what autumn looks like here where I live, and included a simple explanation of why leaves turn color.  I also shared a couple favorite autumn memories of when my boys were young… the time we made leafy crowns of the bright yellow maple leaves, and how I loved going on nature walks and singing our favorite autumn songs.  I ended this letter by sharing briefly about Thanksgiving, and included a prayer for them to know God’s provision for their needs… that He is Jehovah Jireh – the Lord our Provider.

A few times each week, I’ve been taking one of the letters I’ve received from my kids to write a personal response to them while I’m on my lunch break at work, and have been using the Trusty’s Travels in Autumn cards for this purpose.  It works well for me to completely focus on only one child at a time like this for writing their individual letters.  This week I will be sending off a full box of all the different autumn letters… the printed squirrel letters that are the same for every child, and the individual handwritten cards.

If you have a favorite idea for writing autumn letters, please feel free to post them…  I know that there are many sponsors reading here at Trusty’s Mailbag, many of whom are new to sponsoring and writing to children, and they would welcome the ideas!