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Hugged With a Letter

Some letters feel like endearing hugs.  And I love hearing from these incredibly sweet children that I’m going to be visiting in a few days!  I’m taking a quick break from packing my suitcases to share from the letter I received today from one of my older Honduran boys, 12 year old Samuel.  We’ve been corresponding for the past 8 months, and he already has opened up to write very touching letters.

In talking with several new sponsors recently, they’re full of questions of what to write, and I love giving ideas to help them connect with the heart of their sponsored child.  My kids enjoy even simple letters about the birds that I see here, or even trees and plants that I like.  Even though I’ve already been to Honduras to visit some of my kids, I still am surprised by some of the glimpses into their lives that I receive through their letters, such as this one here…

letter-Samuel-treesIt’s HOT in Honduras!  HOTduras is my affectionate nickname for this country!  And I can’t imagine living in a hot place in a city without trees for shade.  That little glimpse gave me a whole new visual picture of Samuel’s living conditions. 

With the level of poverty that these children face, it impresses me so much that their heart to succeed is so that they can provide for the needs of their families.  Several of them have shared their dreams with me, and they are not for themselves, but in order to serve.  The dream is to be someone “important” in life so that they can help their family.

letter-Samuel-businessmanIf you are new to corresponding with a sponsored child, share about your relationship with God, and encourage them in developing their own personal relationship with Him.  For me, there’s nothing more important, and I hope that each of my children will grow to share this same passion.

letter-Samuel-thanksI felt Samuel’s sweet hugs all through these little excerpts and through his whole precious letter, and I can’t wait to give him hugs in person in just a couple of weeks! 

So now back to packing…  and praying for packing miracles to get everything in my suitcases!


A Day for Miracles

I love miracles.  I love seeing God display His glory in doing miracles in our lives.  I love reading about them in the Bible, I love hearing people’s testimonies of miracles, and I especially love experiencing them myself.

Today I was filled with joy to hear about a beautiful miracle.

marco-sponsoredOne very dear sponsor has been praying  for one of the boys I’ve been advocating for from the new Compassion Tu Reino Aqui.  She shared the same heart that I’ve had for Marco, and has been faithfully praying for a sponsor for him. 

And the more she prayed, of course the more she loved him.

For weeks now, I’ve been praying for God to do a miracle on her behalf so that she could sponsor Marco… that God would release unexpected money that would fully provide for his sponsorship.  Today that happened…  God answered these prayers for unexpected resources for full provision! 

It is always so incredibly encouraging to see God at work like this…  And I’m ready to see Him do it again.

I’m ready even more so after hearing the report back today from a young gal on a mission’s trip in Honduras.  Hannah had her special child visit day with her sponsored children, including three children from this new Compassion project, Tu Reino Aqui.  She is the first one to meet some of these children, and has given our team permission to share her report:

…They are absolutely precious. They stuck out profusely among everyone else, and all three of the children had completely rotten teeth. Keisy’s mother told me that they used to sleep in a field until compassion came along and now they are building a wooden house. Keisy also looks somewhat malnourished. Harold is TINY. His grandmother had no work and feeds four grandchildren. None, not even the adults, had ever been to San Pedro Sula. None of the children had ever eaten in a restaurant, eaten ice cream, or owned a toy. Amy had never received new clothes.  …they just seem like they need physical needs met more than anything. They were so full of life and joy.

KeisyMy heart… 

I have so much love for these children, but am feeling so much pain on their behalf too.

I was so happy that little Keisy was chosen by this sponsor. While my heart is overwhelmed with the desperate needs of these precious children and their families, I am grateful that they will be receiving help from Compassion’s ministry, along with the encouragement and support of their new sponsors. 

This project is in a community that is especially poor.  The needs are profound and in some cases, desperate.  Honduras is already a very poor country, and even for Honduras, this community is extremely poor. The average income is only $50/month.  Many children are living with grandparents who are caring for several children, and often without employment… 

Children who have never owned a toy… 

Children who may have never had a piece of new clothing… 

Children who probably have rotting teeth…

Children who might not even have any kind of dwelling to call home.

Are you willing to make a difference in their lives?  I have 10 more children who are still waiting for their sponsors, and I would be thrilled to tell them the good news, face to face, that they have been chosen.  I will be seeing them in two weeks!

These beautiful children are waiting…


Click here to read their stories.

Is one of these children on your heart?  Do you too need a miracle for provision in order to sponsor one of them?  I will pray for you too!  God loves to answer our prayers and reveal His glory to us, again and again. If you would like to help change the story for one of these children, please contact me.

I’m ready for another miracle!  How about you?