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Cherished moments with CJ’s beautiful childhood… nature walks with my sweet grandson playing “Pooh Sticks” on our favorite bridge.

I’ve always loved creating beauty in many areas of life, and I’m particularly passionate about creating a beautiful childhood for children. I loved homeschooling my three sons, and have many precious memories of years spent reading wonderful books together, taking nature walks and drawing in our journals, singing sweet childhood song throughout the seasons, playing games, memorizing scripture and studying the Bible, praying and worshiping together, taking care of dogs, chickens, cats, and goats, creating beautiful gardens, baking and eating homemade bread,  encouraging them in building, creating, and inventing projects of their own, and just loving being together with them.  

Now that my boys are grown, I’ve been filling my empty nest with both sponsored and correspondence kids from around the world.  I’ve also been enjoying the most heart-warming times spent with my sweet grandbaby who lives just around the corner, the most cherished of these young children in my life.  My experiences with both mothering and homeschooling have profoundly shaped my passion and understanding for helping to create a beautiful childhood for each of these precious children.

After completing 25 years of home education for grades K-12, I returned to school for the Visual Communications program at my local community college.  Throughout my coursework, ideas for my sponsored children kept bubbling to the surface, and many of my class assignments were done with them in mind.  This website was initially my final web design project as I completed the program, and have since then expanded it considerably, and will continue to do so as I keep dreaming and creating for my kids. deb_oct2014

If you are looking for a graphic design artist, you can find my portfolio here, though it is still a work in progress, having taken a back seat to my work on Trusty’s Mailbag.  :o)

I invite you to see the children I am advocating for here…

Many blessings for a beautiful sponsorship journey!deborah

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