Advocating for Children

Considering sponsoring a child?  I invite you to view this incredibly moving video of when this precious child, Halena, learns that she finally has her long awaited sponsor.  Tissues, please!

The Wait is Over from Compassion Intl. Child Videos on Vimeo.


Advocating for Honduras

With all the news about people / children fleeing Latin America, I am even more grateful for Compassion International’s presence and ministry with children and their communities. I visited two of my Honduran children in May/June, and their poverty is acute. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America, and is faced with much violence. While staying in San Pedro Sula, one of the most violent cities worldwide, there were armed guards everywhere… in front of my hotels, in front of each entrance to the mall, guards patrolling through the mall, and even stationed in front of each bank inside the mall. Definitely not our typical shopping experience back here at home, but the reality they face for a culture spiraling out of control.

I was blessed to visit the two projects that Yolani and Daniela attend.  Below are a few photos from Daniela’s project, Breezes of Paradise.


Being greeted by some of the children who had been anticipating my arrival.


I was thoroughly impressed with the godly, compassionate heart of the pastor at Breezes of Paradise.


Walking up the steep dirt road to Daniela’s home… This photo is very typical of what the roads and homes looked like.



The cooking and the laundry area at Daniela’s home

As a result of my visit, my heart has been turned even more toward these Honduran children, and as an advocate with Compassion International, I am personally advocating for children who attend the same projects as my own children. I invite you to consider changing the story for one of these precious sweeties, and giving them a new hope for their lives.  You can see the children I have available here.


Axel Valeria Graciela Paula Scarleth Jade Dulce Ariel Ludin Jonathan Keisy Maryi Zayda Bertha Lidia Josue Sthefani

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    1. Deborah Roberts Post author

      Hi Mallory! I’ll change it to Gloria then. :o) The project workers called her by her middle name, so I’ve been calling her Yamileth all this time. The same as little Nohely, as that’s her middle name too. I thought it was interesting that my Daniela (also in Honduras) wrote that she is called by her middle name, Michelle, by her tutor, and signed some of her letters that way, but she said she usually goes by a nickname, Dani.


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