Awed by His Perfect Answer

Visiting Daniela's Project

Visiting at “Breezes of Paradise” with Daniela and her pastor

Last summer when I was on a trip to visit two of my sponsored children in Honduras,  I was surprised by an emotion that I didn’t anticipate feeling. 


Granted, it only happened on the last day of my wonderful trip.  I stayed an extra few days on my own after our team left for home in order to visit my girl, Daniela, who lives in a different part of the country.  Being on my own for the special day with Daniela was not the problem, but rather that there was no one to share this incredibly precious time together with.

Throughout the year, I prayed for a traveling companion for this year’s trip, not only for the safety factor in having someone to be with while I would be on my own again after the group tour, but more importantly to have someone to share the joy together in visiting more children.  Each friend or relative that I thought might be a possibility, was unable to go. 

And so I wondered…  and prayed.

As I have been advocating for precious children from His Kingdom Here project, I have been messaging back and forth with a number of people who have been interested.  Right from the beginning of talking with a precious sponsor named Lori, there was a special connection, and while she was very interested in the children who needed to be sponsored as well as the trip itself, it made no sense in the natural, as she said, for her to go on this trip.  But it was so clearly apparent that God was directing her to go, and in a series of small miracles ~~ in our opinion! ~~ God opened the door for Lori to be part of this special Vision Tour, to sponsor a child from the new project, and for us to be traveling companions together for the whole trip. 

Lori with her Guatemalan princess, Iraida

Lori is well versed in traveling to visit sponsored children ~~ Haiti, Tanzania, and Guatemala ~~  and knows the special ministry that the Lord works in our own lives as well in the lives of the children as a result of making these trips.  I think this is part of what makes this so special to both of us, that we are each anticipating seeing God’s hand at work, knowing His Presence, and hearing His voice throughout this trip.  He faithfully does this in our lives day in and day out, but there is something very special about going on these trips and seeing His heart for these children. 

God had such a perfect answer for my prayers!  Though Lori and I have never met before in person, and we live half way across the USA from each other, we’ll be meeting in Houston for our connecting flights to Honduras.  I am so grateful for this new friend, and it is already such a joy to be sharing God’s answers to prayer, as well as planning a special Princess Day together for seven of our Honduran girls in honor of the Quinceanera for two of them.  So much blessing!!

All throughout the past few weeks, God has surprised us with His “whispers”, as Lori calls them, and seeing Him work in the many details of preparing for this trip.  And the more that I see what He is doing, I am all the more excited to see what He will do on this trip.  I know I will continue to be awed by His perfect answers.

Would you like to be part of His perfect answer for a precious child?  Today is Ludin’s 10th birthday, and she has been waiting and wondering who He will provide as a sponsor for her.  I will also send the full resolution sized princess photo for her new sponsor to use as a special delight for Ludin.  You can read her story here, and if you want to be part of a beautiful answer to prayer, contact me here.   

Happy 10th birthday!

Happy 10th birthday, sweet Ludin Arely!


I’m anticipating His next whisper!


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  1. melissa

    This is a beautiful post. I know your trip together is going to be wonderful. Cant wait to see all God has instore for all of you

    1. Deborah Roberts Post author

      Thanks, Melissa! Everything about this trip has been so beautiful to see what the Lord is unfolding. Can’t wait to see more!


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