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A Day for Miracles

I love miracles.  I love seeing God display His glory in doing miracles in our lives.  I love reading about them in the Bible, I love hearing people’s testimonies of miracles, and I especially love experiencing them myself.

Today I was filled with joy to hear about a beautiful miracle.

marco-sponsoredOne very dear sponsor has been praying  for one of the boys I’ve been advocating for from the new Compassion Tu Reino Aqui.  She shared the same heart that I’ve had for Marco, and has been faithfully praying for a sponsor for him. 

And the more she prayed, of course the more she loved him.

For weeks now, I’ve been praying for God to do a miracle on her behalf so that she could sponsor Marco… that God would release unexpected money that would fully provide for his sponsorship.  Today that happened…  God answered these prayers for unexpected resources for full provision! 

It is always so incredibly encouraging to see God at work like this…  And I’m ready to see Him do it again.

I’m ready even more so after hearing the report back today from a young gal on a mission’s trip in Honduras.  Hannah had her special child visit day with her sponsored children, including three children from this new Compassion project, Tu Reino Aqui.  She is the first one to meet some of these children, and has given our team permission to share her report:

…They are absolutely precious. They stuck out profusely among everyone else, and all three of the children had completely rotten teeth. Keisy’s mother told me that they used to sleep in a field until compassion came along and now they are building a wooden house. Keisy also looks somewhat malnourished. Harold is TINY. His grandmother had no work and feeds four grandchildren. None, not even the adults, had ever been to San Pedro Sula. None of the children had ever eaten in a restaurant, eaten ice cream, or owned a toy. Amy had never received new clothes.  …they just seem like they need physical needs met more than anything. They were so full of life and joy.

KeisyMy heart… 

I have so much love for these children, but am feeling so much pain on their behalf too.

I was so happy that little Keisy was chosen by this sponsor. While my heart is overwhelmed with the desperate needs of these precious children and their families, I am grateful that they will be receiving help from Compassion’s ministry, along with the encouragement and support of their new sponsors. 

This project is in a community that is especially poor.  The needs are profound and in some cases, desperate.  Honduras is already a very poor country, and even for Honduras, this community is extremely poor. The average income is only $50/month.  Many children are living with grandparents who are caring for several children, and often without employment… 

Children who have never owned a toy… 

Children who may have never had a piece of new clothing… 

Children who probably have rotting teeth…

Children who might not even have any kind of dwelling to call home.

Are you willing to make a difference in their lives?  I have 10 more children who are still waiting for their sponsors, and I would be thrilled to tell them the good news, face to face, that they have been chosen.  I will be seeing them in two weeks!

These beautiful children are waiting…


Click here to read their stories.

Is one of these children on your heart?  Do you too need a miracle for provision in order to sponsor one of them?  I will pray for you too!  God loves to answer our prayers and reveal His glory to us, again and again. If you would like to help change the story for one of these children, please contact me.

I’m ready for another miracle!  How about you?


Awed by His Perfect Answer

Visiting Daniela's Project

Visiting at “Breezes of Paradise” with Daniela and her pastor

Last summer when I was on a trip to visit two of my sponsored children in Honduras,  I was surprised by an emotion that I didn’t anticipate feeling. 


Granted, it only happened on the last day of my wonderful trip.  I stayed an extra few days on my own after our team left for home in order to visit my girl, Daniela, who lives in a different part of the country.  Being on my own for the special day with Daniela was not the problem, but rather that there was no one to share this incredibly precious time together with.

Throughout the year, I prayed for a traveling companion for this year’s trip, not only for the safety factor in having someone to be with while I would be on my own again after the group tour, but more importantly to have someone to share the joy together in visiting more children.  Each friend or relative that I thought might be a possibility, was unable to go. 

And so I wondered…  and prayed.

As I have been advocating for precious children from His Kingdom Here project, I have been messaging back and forth with a number of people who have been interested.  Right from the beginning of talking with a precious sponsor named Lori, there was a special connection, and while she was very interested in the children who needed to be sponsored as well as the trip itself, it made no sense in the natural, as she said, for her to go on this trip.  But it was so clearly apparent that God was directing her to go, and in a series of small miracles ~~ in our opinion! ~~ God opened the door for Lori to be part of this special Vision Tour, to sponsor a child from the new project, and for us to be traveling companions together for the whole trip. 

Lori with her Guatemalan princess, Iraida

Lori is well versed in traveling to visit sponsored children ~~ Haiti, Tanzania, and Guatemala ~~  and knows the special ministry that the Lord works in our own lives as well in the lives of the children as a result of making these trips.  I think this is part of what makes this so special to both of us, that we are each anticipating seeing God’s hand at work, knowing His Presence, and hearing His voice throughout this trip.  He faithfully does this in our lives day in and day out, but there is something very special about going on these trips and seeing His heart for these children. 

God had such a perfect answer for my prayers!  Though Lori and I have never met before in person, and we live half way across the USA from each other, we’ll be meeting in Houston for our connecting flights to Honduras.  I am so grateful for this new friend, and it is already such a joy to be sharing God’s answers to prayer, as well as planning a special Princess Day together for seven of our Honduran girls in honor of the Quinceanera for two of them.  So much blessing!!

All throughout the past few weeks, God has surprised us with His “whispers”, as Lori calls them, and seeing Him work in the many details of preparing for this trip.  And the more that I see what He is doing, I am all the more excited to see what He will do on this trip.  I know I will continue to be awed by His perfect answers.

Would you like to be part of His perfect answer for a precious child?  Today is Ludin’s 10th birthday, and she has been waiting and wondering who He will provide as a sponsor for her.  I will also send the full resolution sized princess photo for her new sponsor to use as a special delight for Ludin.  You can read her story here, and if you want to be part of a beautiful answer to prayer, contact me here.   

Happy 10th birthday!

Happy 10th birthday, sweet Ludin Arely!


I’m anticipating His next whisper!


I Know You Are Here

Last summer I was privileged to meet my sweet Daniela in Honduras and visit her in her home… give her hugs… meet her family…  sit on her hard little bed as I tried to take in her surroundings and understand what her life is like in her circumstances.   As her sponsor, I am so blessed to write to her as we develop a precious relationship together, and I rejoice to see her blossom with confidence and grow in her abilities.  I love sharing gifts with her, praying for her, and dreaming of the next trip to visit her.  But as much as I would like, I cannot be there in person on a regular basis to see her, help her, and encourage her.

But there is One who can… and Who is there.

While each letter I receive is a delight, her letter yesterday was a special blessing as she shared her favorite worship song with me, Tu Estas Aqui ~ You Are Here.  As I read the words she shared with me from this song, I knew I had to find it and hear it for myself, for my own heart of worship to the Lord.  

Though my eyes
can’t see you, I can feel you
I know you are here.
Though my hands
can’t touch your face, Lord
I know you are here.

My heart can feel your presence.
You are here, you are here
I can sense your majesty.
You are here, you are here

My heart can see your beauty.
You are here, you are here.
I can feel your great love.
You are here, you are here.

You are here, you are here.

As you listen to this, join with me in letting your heart respond in worship the One Who is there for each of our sponsored children… the One Who is here for each of us.

Aunque mis ojos
no te puedan ver, te puedo sentir,
Sé que estás aquí.
Aunque mis manos
no puedan tocar, tu rostro Señor,
Sé que estás aquí,

Mi corazón, puede sentir tu Presencia,
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí
Puedo sentir, tu majestad
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí

Mi corazón, puede mirar tu hermosura,
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí
Puedo sentir, tu gran amor
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí

Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí

We are so privileged to get to pour into the lives of each of these children, and have the Lord pour back into our hearts and lives.  My greatest desire and prayer for my own sons and daughters, grandchildren and sponsored children is that they intimately know the Lord, experience the sweetness of His Presence, hear His voice, and live with hearts of love and worship for Him.  This is the greatest release from poverty of all.

Would you like to share in the blessing of pouring God’s love into the life of another child, that they would know the sweetness of His Presence?  I love Dulce’s name, which means sweetness.   She is enrolled in the new compassion project in Honduras, Your Kingdom Here, which I will be visiting this summer.  She is 3 years old, and her birthday is December 6, 2011.


Dulce lives with her father and her mother, and even at the tender age of 3, she helps in carrying water, gathering firewood and running errands.  Her father is sometimes employed as a farmer and her mother maintains the home. Dulce is not attending school because she is too young, but she attends church activities and Bible class regularly.  Playing with dolls, running and playing group games are her favorite activities.

It is only $38/month to sponsor Dulce through Compassion International, and it is a life-changing investment that will not only affect her heart and life, but also that of her family and community.  Contact me here to sponsor Dulce.  And as my gift to you, I will email the full size photo of Princesa Dulce for you to write a special letter to her.



Stopping for the One

heidibakerGod rocked my world and my heart 11 years ago by the life and testimony of one incredibly precious and powerful woman of our generation, Heidi Baker.  As a result of hearing her speak one evening at a conference about intimacy with God, I cried out to the Lord to know Him MORE, and as a result, He shook me, freed me, and set me on fire for Him with a love far greater than I had ever known in my 40+ years of being a Christian and walking with Him.

I became a lover of God consumed with the desire to always experience His Presence, hear His voice, and see His glory revealed.

One of the greatest things I learned from Heidi’s testimony is that God is looking for passionate lovers who will lay down their lives for Him.  Lovers who will be so filled with His love that they cannot say “No” to anything He asks of them.  Lovers who will love so sacrificially that it won’t even seem like a sacrifice because they are so passionately in love with Him.  Lovers who won’t merely be content to have a good feeling in their hearts, but who will rock their world with what they do.

Because love looks like something.

For Heidi and her husband, Rolland, missionaries in Mozambique, love looks like taking in thousands of children off of the streets and out of the dumps, and caring for them.  She is their beloved Mama Aida.  Children who had nothing to eat were given food.  Children who needed someone to care for them received that care.  Little girls who were reduced to selling their bodies for enough money to buy a can of pop were rescued and taught that they were deserving of honor and respect.  Children who desperately needed to be hugged and held, were embraced with arms of love.  Children who needed healing and miracles both for their bodies and for their souls received God’s transforming work in their lives for His glory.

How does a person take in 10,000 children?  I mean, that’s like totally mind boggling crazy!

She did this by stopping for the one.  One by one.

And because Jesus showed her that there would always be enough, she could boldly go to the brothels, dumps, and streets to pick up dirty, ragged, forgotten, unwanted children, one by one, and bring them home. 

We may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the vast numbers of people needing help, ministries to support, and situations everywhere we turn that need help.  There are desperate needs in our own communities and in our neighborhoods.  In the case of helping with child sponsorship, we can be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of children who need sponsors… and by the many children that some of us wish that we could sponsor. 

While it is unlikely that very many of us can move to a foreign country to take care of the vast numbers of homeless and orphaned children, we can come alongside organizations like Compassion to help with one child.  And then maybe one more.  One by one.  We can ask God to prepare our hearts to stop for the one… the one in front of us… the one that He puts on our hearts.  As Heidi says, It’s not complicated to stop for the one.

“I pray for radical love to just rock this generation, God.  I ask for love to just come in and stretch every heart, God.  Show them what love looks like, God… so that they would stop for the one every single day of their lives.”  Heidi Baker

What might radical love look like in our lives today?  It may be as simple as stopping for the one who calls you on the phone and needs a listening ear… when you’re busy doing something that you would rather do.  It may mean stopping for the one at work who is overwhelmed and helping them with a specific need… when you’d rather not get involved.  It may mean preparing a meal today for a neighbor… when you had a fun activity that you wanted to do instead.  It may mean stopping to pray with a stranger in need of healing… stepping totally out of your comfort zone.  Radical love may mean giving away a sizable money gift to someone in need today.  It may mean giving a hug to one who is lonely or speaking a kind word to one who is weary… giving to others rather than focusing on what you need.

Whatever that act of radical love looks like for today, it will probably be a call to do something other than what we feel like doing.  It may be something that we need to step out in faith, in some way, to accomplish.

What about you?  Is your heart open to say YES! to anything the Lord asks of you?  Are you willing to sacrifice some of the pleasant comforts that you surround your life with so that children in poverty can have a taste of radical, transforming love in their lives?  You may already be living a very radical life in the ministries that you are involved with, or how you serve others.  I am here to challenge you to ask yourself if you have become comfortable with the level that you are being radical.  Are you willing to go further in radical love?  Are you wiling to stop for one more?  Who is the one God would have you stop for today?

Here is one.

AxelAxel David is 4 years old, and his birthday is September 15, 2010.  He lives with his grandmother, and there are 3 children in this family.  At home, his duties include carrying water and gathering firewood, and his grandmother is sometimes employed as a laborer.  Axel is not attending school because he is too young, but he attends church activities and Bible class regularly.  Soccer, running and playing group games are his favorite activities.  His Compassion project is a brand new project in Honduras, called Tu Reino Aqui… Your Kingdom Here.

Maybe you are already sponsoring one or more children, and you feel stretched.  Find out if God is calling you to sacrifice in other ways so that you can stretch again to embrace yet another child and sponsor this one for $38/month.  If He is calling you to step out in faith to sponsor your first child, or to take in another child, He says that there will always be enough.

If you are the one who feels called to sponsor Axel, contact me here.

And as with the other children I am advocating for from Tu Reino Aqui, here is a gift for Axel’s new sponsor.  I will email you the full resolution of this photo to use in writing a special letter to this precious boy.