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Creating Beautiful Autumn Letters

autumn_leafIt’s that beautiful time of year again when the leaves are turning brilliant hues of reds, oranges, golds, and russets…  I love it!  After Christmas letters and packages to the kids have been sent off hopefully by the end of September, now is a good time to work on autumn letters.  Usually  this is when the fall leaves are in their glory, and perfect for collecting and pressing for hand made crafts if you enjoy doing this.  If not, it’s still inspiring for writing some fall themed letters.

Don’t worry about autumn being over by the time your child actually receives your letter.  Remember that most of the sponsored children live in the southern hemisphere, and their seasons are opposite ours.  So actually, an autumn letter sent late in the season will arrive just about on time!  But regardless, your child will enjoy receiving your letter no matter whether or not it fits with the season that he currently has.

Autumn Squirrel Letter

A little squirrel pausing on a path through the golden woods of autumn is perfect for writing a fall themed letter to your child.  This letter comes in 8 different languages featuring the verse from Philippians 4:19, “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  On the back the squirrel is surrounded by an abundance of large nuts, visually reinforcing the verse.  Available in Trusty’s Shoppe.

Autumn Chipmunk Letter


Little chipmunks scampering across the pages filled with God’s autumn bounty are sure to delight your child. The bible verse for this download is available in 8 of the major languages that sponsored children speak, making it customizable for your child’s needs. The abundance of nuts emphasizes Psalm 33:5, “The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.” Available in Trusty’s Shoppe.

Take Autumn Pictures

fall-leafMany of the children live where they don’t experience much in the way of seasonal changes like many of us do.  If you can, take some pictures with some of the beautiful leaves, or with the fall colors for your background.

Pressing Leaves

autumn_cardYou can use pressed leaves make beautiful cards or laminated bookmarks for your child. This card was made very simply with a couple of designs I cut out and glued on a card, and then added the pressed leaves.  I kept a copy for a year to see what would happen with the leaves, and they were still fine.  Just make sure to glue them on well.

Those copies of fat phone books (that I never use anymore!) get put to good use for this project.  Collect some leaves in the best condition while they are still fresh, and tuck a few in-between the pages, and pile a few extra phone books on top to press them flat.  In about a week your leaves will be good for gluing onto cards or making into bookmarks and laminating them.

One friend told how she went out into the yard (and into the neighbors’ yards) in her pajamas hunting in the dark for the perfect maple leaves that could be laminated and sent.  I had to laugh, because I pretty much did the same thing.  It was already pitch dark when I impulsively decided I wanted to do this project “now!” so I was out in the front yard, furtively trying to pick “good” leaves off my Sunset Maple tree and the Pin Oak trees along the driveway, waiting between cars going by so no one would see me.

More Autumn Leaf Card Ideas

autumn_card2Instead of using pressed leaves, you can also create beautiful cards with stickers or rubber stamps.  This card for Aswathi was made with stickers, and then I use a mini alphabet stamp set (from Michael’s for $1.50) for the embossed lettering.  Or use nice pens or markers. The leaves and letters were added in a way to make them look like they were tumbling in the wind.  This card was made with a full sized piece of card stock paper folded in half.  You can also use these for covers for your own booklet for your child.

autumn_card3The leaves on this letter for Yovani were made by using fresh leaves as my “stamp” and then embossing the designs before cutting them out and adding to the card.  I’ll have to say that this was the most challenging of the ways, though it was still fun.  You can also do leaf rubbings, and if you have children at home, involve them in these fun projects!  I really like the colored card stock pieces that I added for these two cards, as it adds so much more color to the card.

Childhood Poems and Songs for Autumn

I love the sweet childhood songs that I used to sing with my boys when they were little.  Share the words to a stanza of a favorite childhood song, such as these two old favorites that I shared with my sponsored kids:

“Many days are bright in October,
There is happiness in the air!
Red and yellow leaves from the autumn trees
Are drifting everywhere…”

“Come little leaves said the wind one day,
Come o’er the meadow with me and play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold,
For summer has past and the days grow cold.
Dancing and skipping the little leaves went…”

Favorite Autumn Printables

autumn-leavesThese autumn leaves were designed as finger puppets to go with the accompanying childhood song.  If you want to use it this way, you might like to send the words to a childhood song, such as the ones above, and encourage your child in making up their own little song to go with the words.  Another use that I like is to have your child write something on each leaf that he is thankful for, and then string them up for a leaf garland.  Or you can use them for decorating a card… or for a lapbook.

The Toymaker has some delightful free printables.  Here are my favorite fall designs.

TwoSquirrelsTwo Squirrels

squirrel-windSquirrel Wind

For the youngest children, here are my favorite woodland animals finger puppets. If you think your child doesn’t have access to scissors and tape, cut these out for him, and add a square of double sided sticky tape (available in scrapbooking supplies) to one end of each design.

autumn_finger_puppetsFingerPuppetMaking this style of finger puppet was a big hit when I was a child, and this is one that I would have loved with its printed forest animal design.  If you’ve never made these before, watch their little video to learn how.

Older children, especially those who like doing puzzles, might enjoy the challenge of folding and assembling one of these beautiful 3D forest animals.  My favorites are the chipmunk and the raccoon.

Autumn Coloring Pages

You can google to find tons of great coloring pages to go with your autumn letter. Here are a few of my favorites.

1 – Catching Leaves
2 – Autumn Play

3 – Squirrel Family
4 – Playful Squirrels
5 – Texas Fox Squirrel
6 – Squirrel
7 – Autumn in the Forest
8 – Dover Stained Glass Squirrel
9 – Dover Squirrel & Chipmunk
10 – Dover Chipmunks

Autumn Maze

Acorn-MazeYou can find a variety of mazes online… here is my favorite one for autumn.

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