Autumn Birds

Little Birds Throughout the Year – Autumn

Autumn BirdClose out the year with some bird theme gifts and an extra special card to remind your child of God’s care for them.  In this season, write about the birds that you see migrating for the winter… maybe they are migrating to where your child lives!  You might enjoy looking up to see where your favorite birds head for the winter, and find a couple of interesting facts to share about these beautiful creatures.

migrationThis site for students in Alaska has some great ideas for sharing about bird migration.  It’s fascinating and amazing to realize that some of their birds migrate to South America for the winter!  You can create a map similar to this, add some pictures of some of your favorite local birds, and show where they migrate in winter.  Or you can make a map to show where birds from your child’s area migrate.  You can even throw in some math with this, by providing the necessary info, then having your child figure out how far the birds fly when they migrate.  

Little Autumn Robin ~ Card

Write a fall themed letter with this whimsical card of our little snowbird robin heading south for the winter.  The inside design can also be used for additional stationary.  Available in Trusty’s Shoppe.

Create a Special Christmas Card

The crowning touch to a year with the little birds theme would be to create a beautiful card for your child with the Bible verses we highlighted from Matthew 6 & 10.  Buy or reuse a Christmas card with a bird design, add a small sized photo of your child, and write the verses inside. You can use markers or mini alphabet rubber stamps to write on the cover, “God Cares for _____” in your child’s language, if possible. 

deblittlebirdsThe inside of these Christmas cards are usually very beautifully designed as well, so you can write the verses and greeting on the inside top or side flap.  If you want the card to be for another occasion other than Christmas, then use a photo of yourself to cover up the Christmas greeting on the bottom half of the card… and yes, I specially wore the wintry red sweater and posed in front of the red twig dogwood on purpose for this card.

littlebirdChristmasAnother example is this beautiful card, Blessings at Christmas. It has a greeting printed on the front, but the child’s photo and a small cut out design can be used to cover it up, and this provides a place for the text you wish to add for personalizing the card.  I have a habit of saving every card with a nice design, and dream of the possibilities for reusing it for projects such as this.

Bird Puzzles

Bird PuzzlesArtist Jane Maday has created beautiful puzzles of birds at bird feeders, and this is one idea for a sweet Christmas gift.  If you sponsor with an organization such as World Vision where you can send gifts in the mail, you can just send the box intact.  If you sponsor with Compassion, you will need to assemble the puzzle first and package it flat.  I found that the best way is to divide the assembled puzzle in half, stack on top of each other, and slip onto a piece of cardboard that fits inside of an 8.5×11″ envelope. 

Little Chickadee OrnamentsLittle Chickadee Ornaments

These beautiful little chickadee ornaments are a bit more challenging, and would be perfect for your older children.  Print them up on card stock, and you might want to cut one out to show your child.  You can add your own artistic flair by touching them up with watercolor paints, or if you can send non-paper items in the mail, send along a child’s watercolor set for your child to have the fun of doing this himself.

Chickadees and Cardinals

Chickadees & CardinalsHere is an easy option of sweet chickadee and cardinal designs to print off for your child, and can be used as ornaments, tags, or decorations on a card.

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