Spring Birds

Little Birds Throughout the Year – Spring

Baby Birds

Ask your child what nest building activity they have observed, and describe for your child what you have seen.  Your descriptions can be a great example for how to narrate about something of interest that you want to share.

 A Living Book: Wheel on the School

wheel_on_schoolA delightful story about children and birds is the classic Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong, which is also available in Spanish, Una Rueda en el Tejado.  Six Dutch school children start wondering why the storks never come to nest in their fishing village any more, and set out to do something about it.  This is a wonderful book to send to your child for a gift (happy birthday?) or read the story and narrate it yourself.

Big Thoughts for Little People

Elijah & the RavensImagine living in a time of no available food, and what it would have been like to have food brought to you by birds.  The sight of baby birds with hungry, wide-opened mouths is a reminder of the hunger that children in poverty can face.  Write about God’s care for the birds to feed them… and that your child is incredibly more valuable than the birds.  Read the story of Elijah being fed by the ravens that God sent during a time of drought and hunger, and share from the insights that you receive.  Do you have a testimony to share with your child of God’s miraculous provision for you in a time of need?  Your child would love to hear about it!  Print off a color copy of this classic Bible story picture, and include the matching coloring page. Astrid's Bird

Flying Birds

Flying BirdHere’s a variation on paper airplanes… flying birds!  With your younger kids, you can use this to reinforce the story of Elijah and the Ravens.

Little Spring Robin ~ Card


Delight your child with a cheery spring robin card, as the little robin sings his way from winter’s snow to spring’s daffodils, and joined by the smiling caterpillar.  The inside design can also be used as additional stationary.  This card is available in the Shoppe.

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