Summer Birds

Little Birds Throughout the Year – Summer

Summer BirdSummer usually means special outings where there is water… vacations to a new environment as well as picnics and outings on weekends.  These will give fresh opportunities to enjoy the varied bird life at the water’s edge that you can write to your kids about… for me that means sea gulls at the ocean, eagles and blue herons  at the bay, red winged blackbirds at a nearby marshy lake, and ducks, geese, and a multitude of other birds at lakes and rivers.  Seagulls at the Water’s Edge is perfect for writing about your family’s summer outings… this stationery will be coming soon to the Shoppe!Astrid's Duck

A Living Book: The Ugly Duckling

Young Cygnet

When Lidia’s photo updated, I was surprised to see her with glasses, and asked her how long she had been wearing them. She wrote back alluding to the shame she felt for being different from the other children.  I shared my experience when I first started wearing glasses in the 3rd grade, and then just encouraged and loved on her.  A little story such as Hans Christian Anderson’s classic  “The Ugly Duckling”, is one that you can narrate to your child to reinforce the encouragement, or if you find it in your child’s language, send them a copy.Lidia's Butterflies

I particularly enjoy the artwork for these two editions, the yellow one illustrated by Jerry Pinkney. and the other by Lorinda Bryan Cauley.  And here is one of my favorite coloring pages for this story.The Ugly Duckling

Bluebirds of Happiness

Bluebirds of HappinessThe Toymaker has many pages of free printable toys for children. I especially like the “Bluebirds of Happiness” to create a whole flock of little birds which can be used to stand up for decoration, or even to wrap on the end of a pencil.

Our heart is to lift up each of our children, encouraging them in the greatness within them, and to bring happiness and joy to their lives.  This little note from Lidia made me smile…Lidia's Smiling Sun


Little Summer Robin ~ Card

little_robin_summerGive your child another reason to smile with this whimsical card… a little robin enjoying a summer picnic surrounded by smiling leaves up in his tree.  Available in Trusty’s Shoppe. 

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