Winter Birds

Little Birds Throughout the Year – Winter

Winter RobinOne of my favorite winter pastimes is watching the little winter birds at the bird feeders outside my dining room window… and especially all the black-capped chickadees and juncoes that flock to my huge overgrown forcythia bush like living ornaments.  Start the year off by writing to your children about the birds that you see, and asking about the varieties that they see where they live.  A nice addition to this letter would be the Winter Watercolor Birds below.

Little Winter Robin ~ Card

little_winter_robinThis whimsical card of our little winter robin keeping warm before the hearth with his friends while drinking hot cocoa is sure to delight your child.  Available in Trusty’s Shoppe.

Bird Watching with Your Child

One of the letters that I wrote to my children was about the trumpeter swans that migrate to my area every winter.  What a breath-taking sight to see them flying directly overhead as I pass the lake where they feed every day.  It’s so amazing to see thousands of them flying around and feeding in the muddy fields, with the snow-capped mountains for a backdrop.  Here is part of the letter I wrote to my kids, showing the Compassion email template and photos that I used.swan_letter

Winter Watercolor Bird Swag

Winter Watercolor BirdsHere are the loveliest paper bird designs for ornaments, tags, mobiles, or swags that I’ve ever seen. There are three pages total, making a dozen different birds. Print these on a nice card stock, and if you want them to be printed on both sides, then print each page twice, one time flipping it in reverse, and then you can cut them out and glue them back to back for your child. Many thanks to Rebecca for sharing her delightfully wonderful artwork with us! Winter Watercolor Birds

Make a Poster

Children's Bird PostersLoonapix has a wonderful bird photo frames for making up some special photos.  You can print these out as a mini poster on 8.5 x 11′ paper, and write on it, “God cares for you, and so do I” or some similar sentiment.  Or better yet, if you can get these printed up on the larger tabloid sized paper, your child will be especially amazed, as my children were.  They had never had such a picture poster of themselves before, and these were used to decorate their walls with great delight.

Fantastic Winter Bird
Early Spring Mood
Winter Knocking to the Door
Wonderful Winter Weather

Bird Coloring Pages

Bird Coloring PagesFriends Across America have beautiful realistic coloring pages of each of the state birds. I discovered that several states claim the same bird! Follow the link, and on the lower right hand corner you will find links for each state. Choose your own state bird, as well as other birds that you get to see… and maybe throw in a few that you wish you could see where you live. For me, it’s the cardinal… I’ve never seen one here in Washington state.

Bird Posters

Bird PostersProject Feeder Watch offers free printable posters of both eastern and western US birds. You can use this to show your children which birds you commonly see in your area, and ask if they see any of these where they live.Tricia's Umbrella

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