The Trusty Game

Introducing Your Child to Trusty

Trusty Open RoadChildren feel the same longing and impatience for letters to arrive just like we do, so why not introduce them to the “Trusty Game” to put a smile on their faces?  Here are ideas to get you off and running for creating your own “Trusty” theme letter for your child, complete with fun possibilities for suggested letter writing tips, printables, games, and stories. You might even also want to consider using some of these ideas for making a lap book about donkeys, or writing letters throughout the year with Trusty themed ideas.

A Special Trusty Letter

shoppe-trusty-letterIntroduce your child to Trusty with the Trusty Game Letter which is available in both English and Spanish.  Write your own letter on the back, and you can also use this back page for additional stationary.  Make sure to include your choice of one of the Trusty coloring pages such as the ones below or on the next page.

Trusty & Your Child’s Worldboys_riding_trusty

Ask your child if donkeys are used where they live… you might get some interesting letters back! Here’s a photo I took of a pair of delightful boys riding “Trusty’s cousin” (?) while we were walking along the dirt roads in rural Honduras, visiting the neighborhood. I was intrigued also by the homemade tack and bridle. Very few cars or pickup trucks were seen, and when available, they were usually packed with people. Most people walked in the hot sun, sheltered under an umbrella, if they were fortunate to have one.

Trusty & Me

Can you get a picture taken of you with a donkey to send your child? Try a petting zoo!  I discovered a pair of gray donkeys at one of the farms just outside of my town, and enjoyed getting up close to take photos of them.

Trusty Coloring Pages

Print out a few “Trusty” coloring pages for your child to enjoy… and if your have time, color one yourself to send your child! He or she will love seeing your artwork, and it will encourage them in their attempts as well. Here is my favorite one,  and other special designs are included on the following pages.

Beautiful Realistic Donkey Scene

Bible Stories With Donkeys

balaamdonkeyThere are some rather special Bible stories involving donkeys… Baalam and the talking donkey, Saul looking for his lost donkeys, Abigail loading donkeys with gifts to bring David, the Good Samaritan, or Jesus’ triumphal entry on a young donkey colt. Mary and Joseph’s trip to Bethlehem has been traditionally portrayed as traveling on a donkey, as well as their flight to Egypt with the young child Jesus.  You will find suggestions for sharing a different bible story in each season on the following Trusty pages.

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