Autumn With Trusty and the Nativity

Trusty’s Travels in Autumn ~ Greeting Card

Trusty’s Travels in Autumn continue his arduous journey up a steep hillside.  You can find this blank greeting card in Trusty’s Shoppe.

Christmas Cards & Advent Calendars

adventdonkeyChristmas brings many beautiful choices of cards featuring Joseph and Mary with a donkey, and you might like to specially choose one to send this year. Or save cards that you’ve received and recycle the covers for a homemade card or art project for your child, such as using with a lap book or homemade journal.  Here is a lovely advent calendar featuring a simple stable scene, and it’s within the 8.5×11″ mailing guidelines for Compassion.

Big Thoughts for Little People

Following the Trusty theme throughout the year, one word that really stands out to me is humilityIn the winter quarter we looked at Balaam who needed to embrace humility, rather than being proud and determined to do what he wanted to do.  In his pride he was humbled by the lowly donkey who was able to see the angel that he could not.  In the spring quarter looking at the triumphal entry of Jesus, we saw that the King of Kings and LORD of Lords rode into Jerusalem on the humble donkey, rather than on a horse in triumph as the conquering hero.  The summer quarter showed the Good Samaritan who was humble to care for the needs of one who despised him. 


Baby Jesus by Jennifer Hickey

And now here we have the nativity story.  The God of all creation humbled and limited Himself to the body of a newborn helpless babe, one who cannot even roll over by himself. 

Imaging that. 

It’s a totally mind-boggling thought! 

The God of all power and might, wisdom and understanding humbled Himself like that.  Jesus was totally dependent on the care of Mary and Joseph who themselves were lowly, ordinary, simple young people, but who were great in their love and obedience for God.  

These are big thoughts for little people.  They’re really big thoughts for big people too.

A key bible passage to share is from Philippians 2:1-11, to have the mind of Christ to consider others as more important than yourself, to humble yourself and serve in love.

Traveling to Bethlehem Coloring Pages

Provide coloring pages for your child to follow the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

1. Traveling to Bethlehem

2. No Room in the Inn

More Big thoughts for Little People

Imagine if you had to flee the country, but you didn’t have much in the way of resources.  How encouraging to see that God provided abundantly for all their needs with the gifts from the Wise Men.  Encourage your child (and yourself!) that God knows ahead of time exactly what will be needed, and He will provide.  Our part is to keep our hearts and minds fixed on Him.

Exploring Art: The Flight to Egypt

Flight to Egypt by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, 1617-1682.

Choose a painting of the flight to Egypt such as this one here by the Spanish artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.  There is so much interesting detail in this painting, and it is a wonderful study for your child to narrate to you about what he discovers. Maybe you would like to narrate a story to your child in a few sentences about one of the characters in the painting, and ask your child to tell you the story of one of the others.  What does the painting make him think about the character of Joseph?  of Mary?   Ask your child what he likes about it, and why.  Print the picture off on a full sized 8.5×11″  cardstock for your child to observe and add to his collection of art prints.  This one is a nice sized file for quality resolution.

Another option is this picture which has a companion coloring page.

Mary & Joseph’s Flight to Egypt Coloring Page

Flight to Egypt

Trusty’s Christmas Travels ~ Letter


This letter features artwork of yesteryear… a vintage Christmas card of a donkey making its delivery through the snowy road on the front page, and on the back is a beautiful close up crop from the painting “Nativity” by Italian artist Antonio da Correggio, c. 1529–1530.   The download for this letter includes Luke 2:10, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great Joy which will be to all people”  in 8 languages, making it customizable for your child.  Available in Trusty’s Shoppe.

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