Spring With Trusty and the Triumphal Entry

Trusty’s Travels in Spring ~ Greeting Card

Delight your child with a spring time greeting card of Trusty on the open road, winding his way across rolling hills and flowering fields, all under the expanse of a wide open sky… available in Trusty’s Shoppe.

Big Thoughts for Little People

Triumphal Entry by Brian Jekel

Triumphal Entry by Brian Jekel

Did you ever consider the miracle that happened at Jesus’ Triumphal Entry? I discovered this while getting ready to write my kids about it. Jesus rode on a young colt that had never been ridden before… one that was unbroken. In my opinion, that’s quite a miracle that has gone unnoticed! And not only did the donkey let Jesus ride him, but he also carried Jesus through crowds of people who were cheering, shouting, and singing… quite a daunting scene for that little colt! Here are some questions for your child to ponder… What do you think happened when Jesus first sat on the little donkey’s back? Why do you think the little donkey let Jesus ride him? Do you think Jesus said anything to the donkey to prepare him for the ride? If you did some of the winter suggestions with your child about the importance of our words, ask your child about this… Do you think Jesus spoke “Shalom! Peace be still” to the donkey?

A Living Book: Little Colt’s Palm Sunday

littlecoltpalmsundayThere are a few different books for children on the story of Palm Sunday that have been written from the perspective of the young colt that Jesus rode. This one is my favorite because of the delightful oil paintings. My grandson, Coleson, was immediately captivated by the artwork, and of course loved playing with the little Trusty toy while I read to him. If you have a young English speaking child, this would make a wonderful gift. Or you can send it to non-English speaking children just for the sake of the artwork, and tell the story briefly yourself.

Legend of the Donkey’s Cross

Donkey-CrossAlmost all donkeys have a cross design on their backs. Tell you child the legend of the donkey’s cross, which you can find at Morning Bray Farm.

Another site for some interesting information about donkeys can be found at Quarter Moon Ranch.

Coloring Pages

jesus_needs_a_donkeyHere are my favorite coloring pages for children of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry on the young donkey..

Jesus Needs a Donkey Coloring Page

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry Coloring Page 1

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry Coloring Page 2

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry Coloring Page 3

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry Coloring Page 4

Exploring Art

Choose two different public domain images or art prints of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry for your child to study, contrast and compare. Here are a few suggested images, and Wikimedia has more public domain images to download. Ask your child: What is the same in each of them? What is different? How do they compare with the Biblical account? How do you think the people in the crowd are feeling? Which one shows how you would have been feeling if you were there? What does it show you about Jesus? How did the artist portray how Jesus feeling in the picture?


The Treasure Hunt

Print off one or more of the biblical texts for the Triumphal Entry for your child to read. Biblegateway has translations available in many different languages. Invite your child to read the verses, and imagine himself stepping into this story. What would it sound like? Look like? How would he feel? What would he be doing if he had been there? What are some things that he has learned from reading these verses? As you read these passages, what is something fresh that God has spoken to your heart that you can share with your child?

Matthew 21:1-11
Mark 11:1-10
Luke 19:28-44
John 12:12-20

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