Going to Haiti

I just found out yesterday that I’m going to Haiti in February on a missions trip with my company, Family Christian! I am so excited, and was on cloud nine all day at work… the joy just kept bubbling over and I HAD to tell each customer I served about the trips that my coworkers and I would be going on this next year.

I have a sponsored child with World Vision in Haiti, and I’m hoping that I can make arrangements to see Samaika while I am on this trip.  Correspondence from Haiti over the past three years that I’ve sponsored Samaika has been extra slow, as this country has had to deal with considerable challenges.  But letter by letter I’ve been getting to know this incredibly precious girl, and would love to meet her in person.  I am looking forward to seeing her smile… and giving her tons of hugs!  Samaika’s project is scheduled to close in a few years, so I am all the more longing to get to meet her while I have the opportunity.  I’m praying!

Happy & blessed,


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