Honduran Trip Preparations: Confessions of a Reformed Night Owl

Or I should say, a nearly reformed night owl.

I admit it.  I have been a night owl for decades.  A night owl of night owls.   My creativity typically  burns brightest and best between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am.  I can have a hard, stressful, exhausting day, crash on the couch for an hour after dinner, and then the Energizer Bunny kicks in.  All it takes is that one spark of imagination for a creative project, and I’m off and running.  I’ll glance at the clock after what seemed like minutes, and be shocked that it’s already 2,3 or even 4 am.  Or if my ears start ringing, then I know it’s about 4 am.

So last year before my trip to Honduras, I was working on my final project in the Visual Communications program at my local community college.  That final project actually was this website, Trusty’s Mailbag, in its infancy.   When I found out that the deadline had been moved up by a couple weeks, I realized that I could no longer count on finishing this assignment after I got back home.  It had to be finished before my trip, and I only had 2 weeks to do it.

Enter the Energizer Bunny mode.  Ta-dah!

Every spare minute outside of work and packing was spent creating this website, and I was staying up till at least 2 am every night, though more often than not till 4am, and I even pulled a couple of all-nighters.  My project was submitted before my trip. I got an A on the project, an A in the class, I aced the entire program, and I was happy with a job well done.

But I was exhausted.  Exhausted, and overweight from keeping a similar intense schedule throughout the entire 2-3 years of school.

Arriving at SeaTac airport, I discovered that my suitcases were about 12 lbs overweight, so that meant going through them, pulling out all the books and anything else heavy, and stuffing them to my already way too heavy knapsack bulging with cameras, my laptop, and more.  I was casting longing eyes at the travelers who were pulling a small suitcase on wheels for their carry-on, because my knees were buckling under the weight of carrying that knapsack.

I showed up in Honduras very tired and run down, with seriously swollen, hurting ankles and knees.  Certainly not the condition that I wanted to be in for this incredibly precious trip that I had been planning all year long!  I loved every minute of my time in Honduras, but did not want a repeat performance of feeling exhausted and sick for my next trip…  or for any future trips, for that matter.

So a few months ago, I remembered all of this, and decided to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle so that I would be in good condition before heading back to Honduras in July.  Actually, I didn’t want this just for Honduras, but for my life in general~!  The Energizer Bunny kicked in again, but this time for everything that would produce health.  Top of my list was getting proper rest and losing weight.

Getting Proper Rest

Okay, so that’s easier said than done for a night owl.  But I quickly discovered that it was very do-able once I implemented all the changes that I had decided upon, like daily exercise.  My goal was to be in bed by 9:30, and let the creative Energizer Bunny go to work in the early morning… or the afternoon after I got home from work.  I haven’t made it to bed that early every night, but it’s definitely becoming more normal than not.

And wow…  I discovered that if I go to bed by 9-10, I can actually get up at 5-6 in the morning with no problem.  Who knew?  Lol…

Losing Weight

 After 3 years of school, and dealing with a few different injuries to my knees, back, and arms over the past few years, I faced the unpleasant reality that I needed to lose 40-50 lbs. 


The year before my 50th birthday, I decided to give myself a special 50th birthday present.  I would lose 50 lbs, and it was a very achievable goal by losing only 1 lb/week, with 2 weeks off for Christmas.  Lol…  But I did it.  Actually, I lost the 50 lbs in 4 months, not a year!  I was going down a dress size every 3 weeks, and went from a size 16 to a size 4.  It was so easy on my mostly raw plant food diet with its fresh raw juices and salads, exercising a little bit every day, and drinking at least 8 cups of water. 

I knew I could do it again, and this time for good.  So far I’ve achieved about 1/3 of my goal, and am determined to do the best that I can in these next 7 weeks before I leave for Honduras.  Already the swollen knee issue I was battling again is resolved, and I have tons of energy.  Yay! 

In a series of upcoming blog posts, I will share specifics of what I am doing, with recipies, ideas, and encouragement for those of you who have been struggling with some of these same issues.  I know there are many sponsors who want to visit their children, but are unable to because of health, financial, or fear issues.  I want to address each of these, and hopefully see many other sponsors set free to do the traveling that we long to do, to be a blessing, and receive His blessings as we go. 



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