Hugged With a Letter

Some letters feel like endearing hugs.  And I love hearing from these incredibly sweet children that I’m going to be visiting in a few days!  I’m taking a quick break from packing my suitcases to share from the letter I received today from one of my older Honduran boys, 12 year old Samuel.  We’ve been corresponding for the past 8 months, and he already has opened up to write very touching letters.

In talking with several new sponsors recently, they’re full of questions of what to write, and I love giving ideas to help them connect with the heart of their sponsored child.  My kids enjoy even simple letters about the birds that I see here, or even trees and plants that I like.  Even though I’ve already been to Honduras to visit some of my kids, I still am surprised by some of the glimpses into their lives that I receive through their letters, such as this one here…

letter-Samuel-treesIt’s HOT in Honduras!  HOTduras is my affectionate nickname for this country!  And I can’t imagine living in a hot place in a city without trees for shade.  That little glimpse gave me a whole new visual picture of Samuel’s living conditions. 

With the level of poverty that these children face, it impresses me so much that their heart to succeed is so that they can provide for the needs of their families.  Several of them have shared their dreams with me, and they are not for themselves, but in order to serve.  The dream is to be someone “important” in life so that they can help their family.

letter-Samuel-businessmanIf you are new to corresponding with a sponsored child, share about your relationship with God, and encourage them in developing their own personal relationship with Him.  For me, there’s nothing more important, and I hope that each of my children will grow to share this same passion.

letter-Samuel-thanksI felt Samuel’s sweet hugs all through these little excerpts and through his whole precious letter, and I can’t wait to give him hugs in person in just a couple of weeks! 

So now back to packing…  and praying for packing miracles to get everything in my suitcases!


2 thoughts on “Hugged With a Letter

  1. berry31

    What a sweet guy!! I cannot imagine not having trees. And I have also found that my kids love “simple” letters about our daily lives and when I write about animals we saw at the zoo. In fact, there has been such a large response about the animals we’ve seen that I asked the kids what animal they’d like to learn more about and am researching and sending info and photos back to them!

    1. Deborah Roberts Post author

      Lol… My kids absolutely loved the letter I wrote to them about the animals I saw at Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Park… bison… elk… and so on. They LOVED it!


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