I Know You Are Here

Last summer I was privileged to meet my sweet Daniela in Honduras and visit her in her home… give her hugs… meet her family…  sit on her hard little bed as I tried to take in her surroundings and understand what her life is like in her circumstances.   As her sponsor, I am so blessed to write to her as we develop a precious relationship together, and I rejoice to see her blossom with confidence and grow in her abilities.  I love sharing gifts with her, praying for her, and dreaming of the next trip to visit her.  But as much as I would like, I cannot be there in person on a regular basis to see her, help her, and encourage her.

But there is One who can… and Who is there.

While each letter I receive is a delight, her letter yesterday was a special blessing as she shared her favorite worship song with me, Tu Estas Aqui ~ You Are Here.  As I read the words she shared with me from this song, I knew I had to find it and hear it for myself, for my own heart of worship to the Lord.  

Though my eyes
can’t see you, I can feel you
I know you are here.
Though my hands
can’t touch your face, Lord
I know you are here.

My heart can feel your presence.
You are here, you are here
I can sense your majesty.
You are here, you are here

My heart can see your beauty.
You are here, you are here.
I can feel your great love.
You are here, you are here.

You are here, you are here.

As you listen to this, join with me in letting your heart respond in worship the One Who is there for each of our sponsored children… the One Who is here for each of us.

Aunque mis ojos
no te puedan ver, te puedo sentir,
Sé que estás aquí.
Aunque mis manos
no puedan tocar, tu rostro Señor,
Sé que estás aquí,

Mi corazón, puede sentir tu Presencia,
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí
Puedo sentir, tu majestad
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí

Mi corazón, puede mirar tu hermosura,
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí
Puedo sentir, tu gran amor
Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí

Tú estás aquí, Tú estás aquí

We are so privileged to get to pour into the lives of each of these children, and have the Lord pour back into our hearts and lives.  My greatest desire and prayer for my own sons and daughters, grandchildren and sponsored children is that they intimately know the Lord, experience the sweetness of His Presence, hear His voice, and live with hearts of love and worship for Him.  This is the greatest release from poverty of all.

Would you like to share in the blessing of pouring God’s love into the life of another child, that they would know the sweetness of His Presence?  I love Dulce’s name, which means sweetness.   She is enrolled in the new compassion project in Honduras, Your Kingdom Here, which I will be visiting this summer.  She is 3 years old, and her birthday is December 6, 2011.


Dulce lives with her father and her mother, and even at the tender age of 3, she helps in carrying water, gathering firewood and running errands.  Her father is sometimes employed as a farmer and her mother maintains the home. Dulce is not attending school because she is too young, but she attends church activities and Bible class regularly.  Playing with dolls, running and playing group games are her favorite activities.

It is only $38/month to sponsor Dulce through Compassion International, and it is a life-changing investment that will not only affect her heart and life, but also that of her family and community.  Contact me here to sponsor Dulce.  And as my gift to you, I will email the full size photo of Princesa Dulce for you to write a special letter to her.



2 thoughts on “I Know You Are Here

  1. berry31

    Your Daniela has excellent taste!! Tu Estas Aqui is one of my favorite worship songs and I actually just shared it with one of my sponsored kids the other day!!

  2. Deborah Roberts Post author

    It is so incredibly worshipful~~! What a blessing to be introduced to this music. I thought it was interesting that in her letter she actually wrote, “I know You are here, hooo, my heart can feel the presence…” And they do sing the “hooo”… really sweet to know that I’m listening to the same song that she hears, and that I can enter into worship to the Lord, the One Who is here, feeling His Presence as I know she does. <3


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