Little Children Leading the Way


My eyes are teary from the sweetness of this moment… a little child loving on another little child.  This weekend I was privileged to volunteer at the Compassion Experience event in my community, and loved the precious hearts of people being moved to sponsor a child for the first time, or to sponsor yet another child, and was especially moved by the responses of several children. I loved watching the delight of this little 3 year old girl and her 5 year old twin sisters as they looked over the child packets, and chose a precious 4 year old Ethiopian girl for their family to sponsor.  

new_sponsorThis dear boy won my heart… his family wanted to sponsor a child, and he wanted to choose the child.  He specifically wanted a little girl.  As the mom started filling out the information, my heart sang as he asked, “Mom, can she be my own person for me to write to?”  

I was told the story of a young girl who dearly wanted her dad to sponsor the little girl she had picked out.   Her dad contemplated the $38/month fee, and asked her, “You get $5 for your allowance.  How much of it are you willing to give towards her sponsorship?”  Without hesitation, the child responded with tears in her eyes, “All of it.”  Tears not from regret for losing her allowance but rather that the little girl she had chosen meant so much to her already, and she had to have her as part of their family.

Little children leading the way.

MicealSeeing all those sweet faces of the children needing sponsors moved my heart all over again. At this event, all of the children featured were from Ethiopia.  I came home, and tonight am feeling the burden for how many orphans are needing sponsors right now. Here is one of them… 4 year old Miceal who lives with his sister who is sometimes employed as a seller in the market. BTW… for those of you who are interested in special dates, his birthday is 10/10/10. Would you consider sponsoring Miceal?  Read more of his story here.

LamrotHere is another precious orphan from Ethiopia waiting for a sponsor… 3 year old Lamrot who lives with her grandmother. Her birthday is 8/8/11.  Read Lamrot’s story here.

Sponsoring a child not only changes the story for children such as Miceal and Lamrot, but as your children get involved in developing a relationship with them, it changes the story for your own children as well.  If you have children of your own at home, show them these photos of Miceal and Lamrot.  And don’t be surprised when your eyes get misty too from the love that is ignited in the hearts of your own child to love on one of these children.

Let your child lead the way.


2 thoughts on “Little Children Leading the Way

  1. Sara

    I think this is truly what it means to become like the little children. These children didn’t ask what denomination the child was in. These children didn’t care that the child they were going to sponsor looked different than we do. These children didn’t doubt that the child was an orphan, or poor, or living in substandard housing. These children wanted to show Christ’s love without even knowing what they were doing. From their hearts they love, not from their minds. A pure and undefiled love that most adults are far from after being touched by the world.

  2. berry31

    I just love how these kids got their families sponsoring!! What beautiful stories!! I hope the two precious kids you posted are sponsored soon!!


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