Little Princess in the Kingdom

helen-princesaNames are incredibly important, without a question!  I am especially delighted with the name of this new project, Tu Reino Aqui, as it imparts a beautiful blessing of hope and the expectancy of good…  Your Kingdom Here!  It is a theme that I love writing to my children about, that as royal heirs of God’s kingdom, God has given us the authority to speak forth good into our world, to release His Kingdom reign and rule of God here on earth.  Tu Reino Aqui!

Poverty is not merely limited to physical needs externally, but is also something that can be carried inwardly… not knowing God as your Father… unaware of your value and worth… despairing of hope for your future…  unaware also of His priceless treasures and promises for your life.  One facet of Compassion’s program that I especially love and appreciate is what I call its discipleship model.  The children are discipled and taught of God’s ways, His kingdom rule for our lives, His purposes and values.  Poverty is tackled from the inside out, transforming their lives for God’s glory.

Today I am specially featuring sweet Princesa Helen who is waiting for a sponsor.  6 year old Helen Nayely’s birthday is January 15, 2009.  She lives with her father and her mother, and is responsible for carrying water, running errands and cleaning.  Her father is sometimes employed as a farmer and her mother maintains the home.  As part of Compassion’s ministry, Helen participates in church activities and Bible class. She is also in primary school where her performance is average. Playing with dolls and jumping rope are her favorite activities.

For only $38/month, you can sponsor Helen and bless her life with so much good to lift her out of poverty, so that she walks as a royal heir, knowing Whose she is.  Are you the person God is calling to share in blessing Helen?  

I will email the full size photo of Princesa Helen to her sponsor as my gift to use in writing a special letter to her about being a princess in God’s kingdom.  Enjoy!

Contact me here to sponsor Princesa Helen.


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