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Tip #2 ~ Allow for Cropping of Design

This seashore themed photo design would look great in the blue linen template, but it also works well in this dandelion template by picking up on the different colors as well as the circle shapes to create a very pleasing design.

The photo design I used above worked very easily to crop it to fit in the email template since it didn’t affect the main picture, but others will sometimes have some part of the main design trimmed off. For example, this world travel design started out like this…loonapix_travel

but I had to choose which side to crop to make it fit the photo rectangle on the template. I’m very pleased with the finished look, however, when I combined it with the beige world map template. This is where the rather muted tones of the email design work to our advantage as the backdrop for all kinds of interesting photo frames, and together they look great! :o)

Tip #3 ~ Coordinate Your Colors

This musical autumn photo frame shown below was even more rectangular, so more of the design was cropped off the sides when uploading it into the email template. autumn-musicThis example illustrates another design tip… if possible, coordinate the color tones of your photo with a photo frame of similar tones. The warm tones of this photo suit the colors of the musical autumn background very nicely, just as the travel example above coordinated very well with my photo and email template. This yellow circles email template is another one of my favorites, and works well for many different Loonapix designs in reds, yellows, or golds, …or for autumn themed letters where you don’t want to be limited to just the fall leaves email template design. circles-autumn-music

The autumn girl on the swing is another nice choice, and by picking up on the greens in the photos, the green map template is used for another autumn alternative to the yellow circles or the autumn leaves.

Winter emails can be a bit tricky sometimes when it’s past Christmas and you only want a winter themed design, not a Christmasy one. Here are a few nice options, starting with the snowflake template (which is fabulous, in my opinion!) It sets off any colorful winter design nicely, such as this winter forest design

And while the snowflake template works well for many, if not most designs, the blue linen template is also a great choice. Look through the Christmas, New Years, and Winter designs to find ones that are for winter in general, such as this one of kids and snowman

Tip #4 ~ Only Use One Design

And finally, one more important tip… only use one photo frame design per email letter. One or two other regular photos can be added if they coordinate, but definitely don’t add other designed photo frames as it will look way too confusing and cluttered. Keep it simple! 

fish_giftsHowever, you can effectively repeat the same design for 2 or more photos in an email for a very cool look.  Here are some photos that it edited in PiZap, another great photo editing site.  With Pizap, you have lots of options for adding different stickers and multiple border designs to your photo.  Here I picked up on the lime greens, teals and blues in the photo, added stickers with similar colors, repeated the same two stickers several times, and coordinated it with the blue presents email template.

fish-gifts-2Notice how I had to position the stickers for the vertical photo, as it got cropped quite a bit when uploading it into the email template. I actually had to redo the photo in PiZap to reposition the stickers higher, as I wanted to keep the top border design in the final crop.  I love the way the fish are swimming across the page from one photo to the next across all the gifts.  This email was actually focused on the scripture in Matthew 7, how God is a good Father who only gives good gifts to His children.  The photo and template designs emphasized the theme of the letter, that should get you started in exploring the delightful possibilities for your email letters. And don’t forget to surprise your kids by doing this with their own pictures and adding them to some of your emails… they will love it!

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Next… Encouraging your kids to narrate in their letters…

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