When Love Takes Root

Today I was doing a name imprint on the new children’s bible for an adorably precious 9 year old girl named Hannah who edged her way to the counter to watch me work.  We had the most delightful time chatting away, and I started talking with her about some of the children her age that I sponsor. She was very interested, so that, of course, led to showing her the World Vision video packet that we have at the store of Channut, a sweet girl about her age in Cambodia.  

Well…  Hannah fell in love.  Pure and simple.  She read and reread the info on the packet, and watched Channut’s sweet video over and over.  She sat on the floor while looking at a few of the other child packets, but Channut was the one for her.  She was so excited, and took the packet to show her mom who also was very interested.  However, while her mom has always wanted to sponsor a child, she currently is the single parent of 2 children, so it is not an additional financial responsibility she can take on.   

Hannah begged and pleaded, but I could see that while her mom wanted to grant her this desire, she unable do it.  So I shared with her mom about the correspondent program with Compassion International, and she was very interested in this opportunity for her daughter.  When I told Hannah about it though, she was most adamant, “But I want THIS one!  Pleeease, can you hold her packet for me until we call you?”

Oh dear!  I sure know what that feels like, and know MANY sponsors who have all been in this same boat many times when our hearts are won by a particular child, but our pocketbooks were already strained from sponsoring multiple children, or from other financial obligations.  While I have regretted a few of the children that I DIDN’T sponsor when I really, really wanted to take them, my heart has been filled with love for the children that I do sponsor.  Even though I didn’t get to choose my correspondent children, I love each one and have some who have become especially dear treasures to my heart.  I know that if Hannah requests a correspondent sponsorship child, that God will pair her up with another little girl who will be just exactly the right one for her at this time in her life.  

Sometimes all it takes is to see the face of one particular child who is waiting for a sponsor, and you know that you just have to sponsor that child.  This may not have been something you were even planning to do at the time (or ever), but once a particular child is on your heart, you will do whatever you can to make it a reality, if at all possible, because love has taken root in your heart.  You even feel breathless at the level of love that you feel for this little stranger in the photo, for God breathed on the love in your heart, and your heart was filled with compassion for the child.

Gaby GuisselleHow about you?  This Honduran sweetie, Gaby, who is turning 6 this month, is waiting for a sponsor.  Is she the one for you?  Read more about her story here.

Though Hannah can’t sponsor Channut, a very special seed of love for sponsoring children has been planted in her heart today, and has already sprouted roots.  I’m praying for sweet Hannah tonight… I fell in love with HER just as she fell in love with Channut, and Hannah now has a special place in my heart.


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  1. berry31

    That’s so precious that Hannah wanted to sponsor. I know God will use that desire to help her reach many kids in His name!!


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