Why Write?

The Value of Your Letters to the Child

quote12Our letters are so important to our sponsored children.  I did not realize this when I first started sponsoring Dora, but I have learned this along my sponsorship journey.  While the sponsorship money helps to conquer poverty externally with needs such as food, clean water, books, school fees and uniforms, tutoring, and so on, the letters we write help to conquer poverty inwardly. 

Letters in a Treasure Box

Quote 6The children treasure their letters which are often considered their most valuable possession.  My Yovani wrote that he keeps all my letters in his “treasure box.”  Axel says that he put the latest letter and photo on “the border of his bed.”  And Bryan puts all my letters up on the wall of the home that he shares with his only living guardian, his grandfather.Yovani's Flowers

 Highly Valued

I have heard some rather dramatic stories that testify of the high value of the letters. When one child’s family was faced with a natural disaster and fled their home, the child went back into the face of danger to rescue the letters, for they were more important than any other possession.  Thieves broke into another family’s home and stole some of their belongings, including the child’s letters from the sponsor.  Subsequently the family hides all the new letters under the mattress to keep them safe.  These are just a couple of the stories that tell how highly treasured and valuable the sponsor’s letters really are!

Bryan, 13

A Life Changing Video

This is the most significant video I have ever seen on child sponsorship, and the need also to write to our sponsored children. I guarantee it will change the way you look at your role as a sponsor… I know I cry every time I watch this, because it is so profoundly moving and impacting to my heart.

Changing Their Story

Just the act of receiving even the most ordinary of letters from me lets my kids know that they have value and worth, and I want them to hear this message loud and clear, repeated over and over, in as many ways as I need to say it, until they embrace it and believe it.  They need to know that there is hope for their future.  Together with the people working in their projects, we are committed to “changing their story” because they are worth it.  I tell them,

“You are unique and special, with wonderful gifts and abilities that God has given you to develop.  No one else in the whole wide world is exactly like you!  No one else has the exact same beautiful smile and laugh that you do, with the exact same personality, interests, talents and abilities that you have.  No one else in the whole wide world can fulfill the special purposes and destiny that God designed for you.  You are such an amazingly wonderful person!  I’m so glad that God made you, and I’m so happy that we get to be friends.”
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