Impact on Community

The Impact on the Community

quote1Your letters to your sponsored child not only dramatically impact him, but also his family and community. Some of my kids have written how their parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors gather round to hear the latest letter read. That kind of blew me away to realize how impacting my little letters were not only to my sponsored kids, but to their larger circle of people in their lives. When you reached out from around the world to choose their child, and then write to him, you stamp that child with high value, worth, and respect in his eyes as well as in the eyes of his community.

You are Valuable

Coleson's Knitted GiftsMy letters are important news to them… the news that they matter, and that someone cares about them. Even sending a simple letter communicates to them that the child is valuable, and that they are valuable too. The cycle of poverty in the heart is not only being broken for the child, but is rippling out into the community with the message, “You are not alone… You are valuable… You are significant… Your life matters.”

My children frequently mention the love and gratefulness of their parent(s), and that they are praying for me. I was even surprised and greatly touched by a package that I received from the grandmother (!!) of my boy in Albania. She had knitted a red vest and pair of white booties for MY grandson, and in her letter she wrote, letter-geljans-grandmother

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